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Būk pirmas pakomentavęs (Prisijungti)

The Secret Houses Pamėgti daiktą Pašalinti iš mėgstamų

Santrauka: Two families - the Railtons in Britain and the Farthings in America - are at the heart of a titanic political struggle, their fates intertwined in the secret world of Intelligence by blood, love, loyalty and betrayal. The British Secret Intelligence Service and the American Office of Strategic Services are locked in a desperate struggle to destroy the war machine that threatens the future of the world - and once again the Railtons and the Farthings are drawn into the secret struggle. Both families are intimately concerned in the fate of the Tarot resistance network, operated by Caspar Railton under the nose of the ruthless SS officer Hans-Dieter Klaubert, known as the Devil of Orléans. Caspar has recruited his nieces Caroline and Jo-Jo as undercover agents in France, and their disappearance coincided with the break-up of Tarot. The truth about Tarot and the fate of Caroline and Jo-Jo is at the heart of this enthralling installment of an Intelligence saga that has been hailed on both sides of the Atlantic as a classic of espionage fiction.
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